Damian Lillard’s
Metaverse Adventure

Damian Lillard Enters the Metaverse

DameTime: 0gden

Launching In Alpha Season 3!

Play as basketball superstar Damian Lillard as his adventures unfold in the metaverse. In DameTime: 0gden, the adventure revolves around Damian’s time at his alma mater, and chronicles his run ins with the enigmatic Whisperer, who is intent on troubling Damian as much as possible! 

With the help of the Clockmaker and your demon friend, Anzu, you must solve puzzles, complete challenging parkour, and fight a slew of enemies as you learn about the mysterious L12 organization, and get to the bottom of The Whisperer’s plots!


A collection of NFTs inspired by the DameTime: 0gden experience. Build your own experience with these amazing NFT assets in the Sandbox via Game Maker!

Whisperer Mask

Robot Bird


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